Justin "Jus" Galaxy is Avantae's cousin ( In real life and in Minecraft ) . He often spends time making inventions with Azure/Avantae.



He was born on March 25, 1979. 2 years before the war between Minecrafters and mobs. He was almost blown up by a creeper but luckly. While he was panicing. He accedentaly dug a 2 x 1 tunnel to escape the blast.

Mid agesEdit

During the times when Azure is building his first ever "Piston TNT blaster" . He built his first ever plane. It was 3 seater one. So the team used it to fly to Stoneholm. But sadly. Their plane's fuel ran out. Resulting a crash. They can't repair it because they don't have the resources to fix it. Now they must wait for others to crash to their island.