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Avantae "Azure" Stars ( say " Avantey " ) is the leader of Ore Clan, Avantae's Crew, and Ender Busters. His weapon of choice is an iron sword with Sharpness II. He likes inventing stuff like fireworks made of TNT.



He is born on October 2, 1985. during the war between Minecrafters and mobs. When he was going to be shot by a skeleton. His friend, Dave, Killed the skeleton first. The first time he made his helmet is when he had a piece of a helmet that looks like what he made from the dump of his village, Cobbleville.

Mid agesEdit

When he was 20, he rode a 3 seater biplane made by his cousin, Justin. While they are flying over the ocean. Their fuel ran out, resulting a crash. They can't repair the plane since they don't have recources. So they just waited for more people to come fly across their island and crash.